Deleted SD Card Video File Recovery from Patrick

Jun.20, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Patrick who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted video files from SD card after using different data recovery products and failing at last:

"This is a great product, I managed to delete a video file whilst on holiday, when I got back tried to recover the file from the SD card using a number of different products must of which took hours to found the file and then had a problem recovering it. ICARE worked first time, Thanks"

Here is the original email screenshot:

deleted sd card file recovery

Recover Deleted Files on SD Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro has especially offered a Deleted File Recovery option for people to recover photos, videos, audios, messages, mails and more files from camera or mobile phone SD card after accidental delete, shift delete, or deleted by corrupted sd card. Still doubt whether iCare Data Recovery Pro works on your deleted data loss cases? OK! Go read some common related deleted SD card file loss troubles and see whether it helps recover your SD card deleted files successfully:

"Hello! I just accidentally deleted pictures and videos stored in the DCIM folder of my digital camera. They all were taken with my friends on holiday and saved on a 16GB SanDisk Micro SD card well. But, now they all are deleted. What can I do to perform deleted file recovery? Does any SD card deleted file recovery software work for my case? Thanks!"

"Hi! One of my SD cards was used on my Android mobile phone for the past two years. However, recently, this Android phone was damaged due to virus attacking anyway. So, I performed an antivirus scan there and deleted some files and folders inside this memory card. You do get an idea to recover deleted data from Android phone SD card? Thank you in advance!"

"One week ago, my brother just mistakenly deleted several videos while using my Canon digital camera without my permission. And now, this camera memory card, a 32GB SD card, is already rewritten with the newly taken pictures and videos. Is it possible to recover deleted video from camera SD card? Thanks for any help here!"

"Recently, I just deleted about ten videos off from my Nikon memory card and finally realized that I just selected the wrong ones to delete hours latter. So, I am wondering whether there is a way to recover deleted video from camera memory card. Can anyone help me? Any help will be highly appreciated here!"

OK! No panic! After accidental or purpose delete or shift delete, the mobile phone or camera SD card photos, videos and files are often able to be restored back before they all are overwritten by new stuffs completely. Hence, stop using this device SD card with deleted file loss problems and go run iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform SD card video recovery after delete.

Here, go follow simple steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro to take deleted files back:

Step1. Connect your SD card with deleted videos and files to your PC and download iCare software to launch it well there.
Step2. Run data recovery software and select Deleted File Recovery mode there.
Step3. Scan this memory card with deleted video loss troubles and preview the found files.
Step4. Recover all wanted files to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Notes and Tips:

*Avoid using your SD card or memory card with data loss troubles before data recovery.
*Avoid blindly saving everything restored on the same storage device after data recovery.
*Avoid forgetting to prepare camera or phone memory card data backups well from now on.
*In order to avoid deleting something crucial while cleaning virus, always perform antivirus scan regularly.

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