Deleted or Lost HDD File Recovery from Emanuele

Apr. 18, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a regular user called Emanuele who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro software to recover deleted files from HDD after Windows not accessing drive data due to sudden electronic shock, accidentally deleting or lost files, file system failing issues and more drive data loss cases:

"Hi: Software eccezionale! Utilizzo iCare dal 2011, quando in seguito ad uno shock elettrico ho perso tutti i dati di un HDD (Maxtor 3.5 250gb). I l disco presentava difetti di lettura da parte di Windows ma il software iCare in "deep scan" riusciva a vedere partizioni non accessibili da Windows ed è riuscito a recuperare tutti I file utili. Ho recuperato anche pesanti files video.I l software ha diverse opzioni utilizzabili secondo il tipo di "danno" subito. Ovviamente funziona in maniera eccellente in tutti quei casi più semplici, come perdita del file system o formattazione. Prima di mandare il vostro HDD ad un centro di recupero files, con costi altissimi, provate iCare Pro, ne vale la pena!

Wonderful software! I use iCare since 2011, when after electric shock I lost my files (Maxtor 3.5 250gb). Hdd had reading problems (Windows not access) but iCare saw it and recovered all files. Now I use iCare for all cases, when I delete or I lost files, for format or file system fails! If you have some problem with your files, before you ship your HDD to an expensive recovery center, try Recovery Pro... save time and money! "

Here is the original email screenshot:

deleted lost hdd file recovery

Recover Deleted or Lost Data from HDD with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer Windows cannot access your HDD with many very important files, like PPT/Excel/PDF documents, videos, images, songs and more contents, due to sudden dropping, crashing or power surge, RAW file system errors, unformatted drive errors, virus attacking and the likes, when your computer HDD data is accidentally deleted or lost due to mistaken shift deleting, drive formatting or reformatting, drive cleaning up and the likes, when your PC hard drive information is unexpectedly missing due to some other drive problems, like bad sectors, logical drive damages and more, go save new data on this HDD with data loss problems and rely on iCare Data Recovery Pro to take the original drive data back as possible as you can. Merely go close all other applications running on your computer and start this iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan your device thoroughly. With its three data recovery modes, like Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, you are often able to cope with nearly all possible hard drive data loss troubles, including deleted or shift deleted drive data loss problems, computer data loss troubles due to file system failing, inaccessible RAW drive data loss troubles, not formatted drive data loss troubles, virus infected drive data loss troubles, mistaken formatted/reformatted drive data loss troubles and more. It always works for nearly all drive related data loss cases.

Go download this iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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