Deleted Hard Disk Partition File Recovery from Nishi

Sep.2, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Nishi who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted data from new hard disk partitions and lost files from damaged external HD:

"My Story-
I have few memories of my late brother in my laptop,,....i was so emotionally attached with that data but unfortunately my hardisk is crashed and i was unable to open that data....then i purchase a hardisk adaptor ,,with the help of that adaptor i copied my all memories to my friends laptop......and fortunately my laptop was in waranty period thus i got my laptop back with a new hardisk.......then with the same adaptor , i copied all the data from my friends laptop to my hardisk,,,,,,when i connected that hardisk in my laptop i dnt know how all the data are deleted ...and the partition shows that 150.67 GB occupied but when did i open that partition ,,it says........... the disk is empty...i cried a lot..but when i searched in youtube that how to recover deleted files ...i saw this software ...then I immediately downloaded this software…i was really emotionally attached with that may be very very very very beneficial for's a awsome software....
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.
By the way, your product worked like it was advertised. No problems the files from a damaged external HD. The process took a long time but it depends on the file size you have,,,,,result was perfect.....Thanks.,

Here is the original email screenshot:

deleted partition recovery

Retrieve Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Disk Partitions with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Also want to undelete laptop hard drive partition files when you do have accidentally deleted or shift deleted very important documents, videos and files, just like the above iCare software user? Or merely mistakenly delete entire computer hard disk partition and also wipe all files inside? OK! If you cannot directly restore some or all deleted files from the computer Recycle Bin, do not rush to cry or feel depressing. Stop rewriting this drive partition and go launch iCare Data recovery Pro to scan this deleted partition or the partition with deleted file loss troubles. And then, follow its instructions to recover desired drive information back.

Recover Lost Data from Damaged External HD with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Laptop external hard drive also crashes suddenly and important files inside could not be accessed now since this drive keeps asking you to format before any access? Or computer USB hard disk just cannot be used due to physical or logical damages? All right! No matter whether your damaged external hard drive is really corrupted seriously, merely connect it to your computer again and see whether our iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to detect it and scan your lost information back. Honestly, as long as your USB hard disk is not completely failed and detected by our software, you get high chances to recover lost drive information back. Of course, the data recovery results would vary according to different data loss situations. Merely go download the free version to perform a simple evaluation there before any purchase.

Common Steps to Take Deleted or Lost Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Here are some common steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to get deleted or lost hard drive or partition data back:
Step1. Write no new files on the hard disk or partition with data loss troubles and also launch iCare software on a different PC partition or storage device.
Step2. Run this data recovery software to select a fixable data recovery mode.
Step3. Scan the storage device with data loss troubles and preview the scanned information to see whether the iCare Data Recovery Pro works for you case.
Step4. Recover lost data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*Generally, when you do encounter some deleted file loss troubles, merely select Deleted File Recovery mode on its main screen to go on the latter scanning. And, if it is a damaged USB hard drive data loss troubles, the Deep Scan recovery mode could be your choice.
*Save all retrieved information on a different drive or location to avoid data recovery failures.
*Back up all hard drive or computer partition data well on several drives or devices to avoid data loss troubles in the future.

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