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Sep.17, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Gunda who had used iCare software to recover a lot of codes and files back from his computer hard drive:

"Hi There,
This tool was really much helpful for me. I deleted some code from my development machine and later realized. Then, I found this tool online. I could save lot of my band width with this.
Much Appreciated

Here is the original email screenshot:

deleted code recovery

Recover Deleted Codes and Files from Computer Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

As a computer hard drive user, in daily use, it is really possible for people to mistakenly or unintentionally delete some important code files, archive files, PPT files, Excel files, pictures, messages, games and more without data backups. However, also do not panic when you do finally realize all of your useful files are lost due to your mistaken delete or shift delete, for these deleted files are still stored well on your computer hard drive and could be retrieved back with the help of deleted file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro which especially offer all users a Deleted File Recovery mode to take files deleted back with simple clicks. Want to learn more detailed information about deleted file recovery? Go read more related deleted data loss trouble cases and See how iCare Data Recovery Pro works for your case:

"Hello, everyone there! One of my friends accidentally deleted some emails and code files off from his personal computer hard drive and found no deleted files from Windows XP Recycle Bin. How can we restore these emails and code files deleted back? Is there any deleted file program or tool available out there? Any recommendation will be highly appreciated here! Thank you in advance!"

"What can I do to recover files erased with shift delete? Honestly, I did save all my vacation videos and photos on a WD internal hard disk of my Windows computer. However, just shift deleted them accidentally. Though I did tried some free data recovery tools searched out there, still did not recover all lost hard drive files back. Do I select the wrong a data recovery program to go on? Or is it necessary to apply a deleted recovery utility in my case? Please help me take deleted files back. Thanks a lot!"

"I just mistakenly deleted document folder stored on my internal hard drive instead of a Toshiba 16GB flash drive. And, in side this deleted folder, there are many Word, PTT and Excel documents of my work in the past years. Moreover, also mistakenly save several new Word files there latter. Do you get any idea to undelete hard drive documents? What am I supposed to do now? Thank you for any fast response here!"

"Hey, guys there! Last night, mistakenly formatted my PC hard drive and deleted all inside files completely. Do you know anyway to retrieve deleted hard drive files back? Thank you in advance!"

OK! Fortunately, in such cases, it is really possible to recover your codes, pictures, videos, music and files deleted from your computer hard drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro. With its Deleted File Recovery mode, this software always allows you to scan this hard drive deeply, preview and recover your desired deleted files smoothly. Of course, if you do want to take the deleted data back as possible as you can, merely go scan your drive with Deep Scan Recovery mode to have another try.
Overall, just go try and download iCare Data Recovery Pro firstly.
Here are simple steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to get deleted codes and files back with ease:
Step1. Install and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on another PC hard drive or external storage devices.
Step2. Pick Deleted File Recovery or Deep Scan Recovery mode according to your needs.
Step3. Scan this PC hard drive with deleted file troubles and preview the scanned documents carefully.
Step4. Start to recover lost data and save it all on another hard drive or storage devices after purchasing a code.

Please Attention:
*The more you store fresh data on the original PC hard drive, the less chance you will have to recover all deleted data back successfully. So, save new computer files and the downloaded software information on a different storage device.
*Preview the scanned documents, images and files to evaluate whether this iCare software should be paid for a complete data recovery.
*Store all retrieved hard drive information on other drives and devices in case of data recovery failures.

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