Damaged External Storage File Recovery from Gahar

Oct.13, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Gahar who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to all lost files form a damaged external storage:

"Your product worked like it was advertised. No problem recovering all files from a damaged external storage, I am very satisfied and can fully recommend iCare as fast and affordable solution to recover lost data"

Here is the original email screenshot:

damaged external storge recovery

Damaged External Storage File Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

To be honest, external HD, USB hard disk, removable hard drive, USB SSD, USB portable hard disk, USB flash drive and more external storage devices are possible to be damaged when they are used for a too long time, dropped from a high desk, chair, bed or the like places, attacked by viruses came from unsafe apps, games, mails and files, or corrupted after sudden computer power loss, power surge or crashing, etc. And in your case, no matter how you corrupt your external drive, go check the computer Disk Management when this USB portable hard disk is attached on your PC with a workable USB cable and see whether it is listed well there.

And theoretically speaking, provided that this external drive is still able to be found out from the Disk Management disk, by using iCare Data Recovery Pro, you are really possible to recover damaged USB storage device data back    
Hence, insert this External hard drive or flash drive corrupted into your computer and download iCare Data Recovery Pro Here:

How to Avoid Damaged External Storage Device Data Loss Troubles?

No matter whether your information stored inside corrupted USB HDD, external HD, USB SSD and pen drive is taken back successfully this time, you are supposed to learn something from this data loss trouble, like taking some actions to avoid storage device corruption or drive file loss situations, right? OK! No worry! Here are several follow-up suggestions for you to prevent such damaged drive data loss problems:

1). Allocate several storage devices to store important data backups.
Are you aware that you can straightly and successfully rescue corrupted drive files, documents and videos back, if you do have save several important drive content backups timely before this damaged drive file loss problems come to you? Hence, from now on, just find all storage devices well, check the healthy state carefully one by one, and start to save important data on the good ones.

2). Change old, corrupted or useless storage devices timely.
No matter how effective your old or corrupted USB hard drive or pen drive has been before, once it is physically damaged, often could not be recognized by your computer, filled with bad sectors or tested with a really bad state, you are supposed to pay attention and wonder whether it is the high time for you to change or discard it. Anyway, if the same corrupted drive data loss troubles happen to you again, you may lost both of your drive and also left drive contents.

3). Never drop a USB hard drive or pen drive with data.
No matter whether your external drive or flash drive are stored with data, sudden dropping, falling, hitting, shocking and the likes could damage your drive components and cause irrecoverable situations. Hence, never drop your drive. Never put your drive on the edge of your desk, bed and more high places. Just keep it in a soft drive bag when it is not in use.

4). Manage your computer well in case of sudden computer power loss, crashing and more.   
How do you often manage your computer and inner used operating system in daily use? Honestly, in case of the related corrupted hard drive problems, you are also supposed to manage your computer well. For example, in order to avoid sudden power loss and power surge issues, always use your PC when it is fully charged. In order to avoid sudden crashing, always keep computer operating system checked and updated timely. Also keep the computer internal hard drive with enough free space, also check and clean computer components regularly, etc.

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