Damaged External HD File Recovery from Farid

Oct.27, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Recovery user called Farid who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all lost files from a damaged external HD:

"By the way, your product worked like it was advertised. No problems recovering all the files from a damaged external HD. The process took a long time, but the end result was perfect."

Here is the original email screenshot:

File Recovery from Damaged External HD

Even though we cannot clearly know how you and the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user define a damaged external HD, in computing, some experts or experienced people often take a damaged USB hard drive as logically or physically corrupted storage device. Alternatively, when you do have a physically damaged external hard drive, it often has a broken USB connection, countless bad sectors, pieced drive components, burnt drive and the likes. You get no such terrible issues above? OK! The good part is that your drive may be only logically damaged and a high data recovery chance is still waiting for you. Just connect this portable USB hard disk to your computer with an effective USB cable and USB port, download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro to check whether your damaged drive files are still able to be taken back.
Overall, as long as this corrupted drive is still recognizable on your computer, just download iCare Data Recovery Pro here to see whether you can perform a successful data recovery process there:

Corrupted External Hard Disk Data Recovery Process May Take a Shorter or Longer Time

Corrupted external hard drive data recovery software, like iCare Data recovery Pro, is often created and developed with a feature which allows people to scan the selected drive thoroughly from one section to another so that every single file stored on these drive sectors could be found out and rescued back. However, once one, two or even more of these scanned hard drive sectors are corrupted, the software scanning process will be negatively scanned or even stopped there. That’s also why the software scanning process may hang there and take a really long time. However, if your drive is not too large and you do also save no much data, the scanning process may also take a really short time.
In a word, the data recovery process may take a short or long time based on your own drive conditions.

Please Note: If the Deep Scan Recovery mode really takes a very, very long time, go try to cancel the scanning process after five hours.   

Damaged USB Hard Drive Recovery Results Could Be Different

No matter whether your USB hard drive is logically or physically damaged really and no matter whether you do have used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover your drive data, the damaged external HD data recovery results could be different according to different situations. Why? Firstly, if your drive is realty damaged and gets bad sectors, the data stored on the bad sectors or already corrupted before or during the data losing process is often irrecoverable now. Secondly, if you do have written new files on this corrupted USB HD after that drive corruption, the rewritten hard drive information is also not able to be taken back. And, thirdly, if you do have used other fake or ineffective utilities there before applying iCare Data Recovery Pro, your original drive contents may be also corrupted by these programs and also could become irrecoverable.
Overall, the final file recovery results could vary according to different situations. Just use Deep Scan Recovery mode there to scan and preview all possible drive data, and pick and recover the good ones out for future use only.

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