Crashed Toshiba Satellite Laptop Hard Drive Photo Recovery from Bryan USA

January 14, 2016 - iCare Recovery got a feedback from an American user called Bryan who has applied iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all treasured family photos from his mother’s hard drive used on a Toshiba satellite laptop when this computer has crashed and could not boot:

"iCare was instrumental in recovering my mother's hard drive on her Toshiba Satellite laptop which had crashed. The files were all in RAW format from the crash and would not boot. The drive contained the only copies of family pictures from their earlier years to the present, like the scanned photos when he was in the military, overseas, pictures of their parents and relatives, family vacations and events, she and Dad were devastated by the loss. I searched the internet for recovery software and iCare Data Recovery software became my choice. With iCare, I was able to recover all of their photos from the hard drive. It is pretty amazing from my perspective. I cannot tell you how grateful my parents are to have all their photos back. They were literally in tears when I showed them all their photos on the restored laptop. That is why I want to use the software on my new computer. I have some corrupted photos, dear to me which I would like to recover. I am confident that iCare will be the right software to do the job. Thanks again for your email and the providing a product to help recover treasured family mementos."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Hard Drive Data after Computer Crashing with iCare Data Recovery Pro

You do have ever lost important computer hard disk photos, videos, software, documents, games and files due to sudden crashing? Feel really frustrating when you do find there is no extra hard disk content copy stored elsewhere? OK! Even without computer hard disk data backups, with iCare Data Recovery Pro, you do get a high chance to retrieve all possible recoverable drive files. Why? Be designed with useful data recovery features, like the effective three data recovery modes: Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, iCare Data Recovery Software always can help recover pictures, films, PPT files, Excel Files, Word files, audios, videos, games, applications and more files from your selected hard disk when this drive is inaccessible due to drive RAW file system error and drive not formatted error after sudden computer crashing. Even when your hard disk is seriously damaged for that crashing and cannot be properly recognized by your computer, as long as it is still shown under the Disk Management of your PC, this software also can help rescue lost original data back as much as possible.
Moreover, except different computer internal hard disks, this software also supports external hard disk with USB ports, flash drives, SD memory cards, CF cards, Micro SD cards, SDHC cards, memory sticks and more storage devices.

Hence, when you get hard disk problems after sudden PC crashing, also go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover drive data here:

download DATA recovery softwareTry iCare Data Recovery

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