Crashed Laptop Hard Drive File Recovery from Ashraf

Feb, 2, 2016 - iCare Recovery got a feedback from a user called Ashraf who used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover his important DOCS files back when his laptop hard drive crashed and could not be accessed anymore:

"Thank you so much for your program. I was devastated when my laptop hard drive crashed and I could not access it anymore. After countless searching in Google, I found CNET, and other tech websites recommending you so I downloaded your free program and was able to retrieve my important docs. I was surprised that it worked. I thought the files are gone forever!
This is an amazing product and I recommend anyone who has a similar situation to use this program, as I lost all hope and Viola! I got my files back.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieving Crashed Laptop Hard Drive Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When your laptop or PC hard drive has cashed due to sudden computer power loss, power surge, unsafe hard drive ejecting, virus attacking or drive long time use, etc, and cannot be accessed well any longer, do not panic to format, rewrite or do anything else to this hard drive with many important DOC files, PPT files, Excel files, TXT files, photos, audios, mails, phone message files and more. Merely stop using this computer hard drive and go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to help you recover desired original drive contents back with ease and success. Why? No matter why and how your laptop hard drive has crashed, as long as this hard drive is still recognized on your laptops, the left drive information may not be completely destroyed and gone forever yet. Simply plunge it back to your computer and go run iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform a Deep Scan Recovery mode there. And then, merely go check the found files after drive scan and retrieve all recoverable drive contents back as you wish. Generally, with three well-designed data recovery modes, including the above mentioned Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, this iCare data recovery software can not only help take lost documents, photos and videos from suddenly crashed computer hard drive, and also help rescue deleted, inaccessible, invisible or missing messages, audios, messages, contacts and more files from computer internal/external hard drive, USB flash drives, SD cards, memory sticks, CF cards, Micro SD cards and far more widely-used storage devices after mistaken delete, format, reformat, drive not formatted error problems, drive RAW file system error issues, drive improper extraction problems, virus-infection drive problems, computer crashing and more.

Overall, no matter why your hard drive has crashed without data backups, go apply iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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