Crashed HHD Photo and Work File Recovery from Gareth

Jul.16, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Gareth who had used iCare software to recover 75GB of lost work files and photos from a crashed HDD:

"Hi …I first used iCare recovery when my HDD crashed containing, among other things all my daughters university work and photos. I obtained a quote from a local "specialist" recovery firm who wanted £450.To recover the data. I bought iCare after searching the reviews on the internet. iCare managed to locate the drive and after some time recovered over 75gb of files. All that was needed after that was to rename some of the recovered folders in structure and it was back like before. Very easy to use, clearly very powerful and effective and saved me a great deal of money as well! …Thanks"

Here is the original email screenshot:

crashed hdd recovery

Recover HDD Files after Crash with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! While using HDD to store important photos, videos, work documents, audios, mails and files, like above iCare software user, people are really possible to find their hard drive suddenly crashes and could not be accessed due to unsupported RAW file system issues, "drive is not formatted" problems, virus infection, HHD drive damages, computer power surge and more reasons. However, no matter why your HDD with much data crashes, merely go stop using this drive to cause worse data loss troubles and try iCare Data Recovery Pro which can easily deep scan your drive and take the original information back as much as possible. Still do not know whether you can give this iCare software a good try? OK! Here are several related situations for you to read and go see what you are supposed to do with such crashed hard drive data loss issues at the aid of iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! My friend's HDD had got crashed the other days and stopped working. Whenever he tried to find this drive on his Windows 7 PC and access some business documents and videos inside, an error warning would pop out and ask to format this drive. But, he really needed to recover data from this crashed drive before format? Thanks!"

"One of my desktop HHD just stopped working and crashed. So, I took it out from that Windows computer and try to connect it to another Window 8 laptop. But, it only appeared in Disk Management there and was displayed as RAW format there. What can I do to convert RAW to NTFS? Is there anyone that helps me recover data from RAW HHD before format? Thank you in advance."

"My WD HDD just crashed on my Dell computer and I also prepared no copy of everything inside this drive. How can I do now to perform crashed HDD recovery before any improper operation to cause more data loss troubles? Please help me!"

"HI! Seagate hard drive gets crashed suddenly and is not detected by computer Windows 7 operating system. But, this drive has held much of my business documents, videos and audios yet. Can you tell me how lost data could be retrieved from HDD? Thanks very much!"

Hello, friends! If your HDD is still listed in Disk Management or My Computer interface, your hard drive seems not to be physically damaged and could be rescued back. And what you can do is to add nothing new on this crashed hard disk and go scan this drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro. And then, recover lost files and photos back as many as possible.
Here are simple steps for you to take crashed hard drive files back:
Step1. Download free version of iCare Data Recovery Pro and install it well on your PC.
Step2. Pick a data recovery mode according to your cases, like Deep Scan recovery and start the drive scanning processes soon.
Step3. Preview the scanned information and select needed ones out.
Step4. Recover selected data and save it all on another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Notes and Tips for You:
*Go try more free data recovery software or free trial versions to see how much of your data could be restored.
*Go preview the scanned files to see whether all wanted documents are recoverable before you pay for anyone.
*Go move and save desired data to other flash drives, USB hard drives, memory cards and more.
*Go back up all needed files, documents, photos and more on different drives or locations well.

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