Crashed Computer Lost Partition File Recovery from Matthew

May.19, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a satisfied user called Matthew who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue files from lost partitions and crashed computer:

"I am a very satisfied user, and believe that the people at icare recovery do truly care! On more than one occasions I've needed to contact support, and they've been incredibly helpful. I've used icare recovery to rescue files from lost partitions, and crashed computers. Their product does it's job very well! Thank you icare recovery!"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

crashed computer lost partition recovery

Retrieve Files from Lost Partitions and Crashed Computer with iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro helps a lot in retrieving files back from lost partitions and crashed computers when you do prepare no data backups on other storage devices or locations. And, read more related lost partition or cashed computer data loss troubles here and go see how you can get lost videos, games, songs and files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro smoothly:

"Hello! Last night, my Toshiba laptop crashed while I was playing an interesting game. And my used USB removable WD hard drive also was damaged and many audios, videos and documents could not be extracted out due to 'drive is not formatted' error warning. How can I get my lost drive files back? Thanks for any help here!"

"Hi! A few days ago, my PC was formatted partially and one of my internal hard drive partitions was lost due to that stupid operation. Many of my reserved games and songs could not be found anywhere. Is it possible for me to recover files from lost partitions after format? Thanks!"

"Hey, guys! Recently, my friend had got his Windows 7 PC internal hard drive partition deleted since it probably had some mechanical problems. But, that also deleted many of his precious files and photos left inside. He really need to recover deleted partition data back? Do you get any idea? Thank you very much!"

"Hi! Yesterday, the laptop of my boy friend crashed and he had tried to reinstall his operating system. And then, while trying to emerge computer internal hard drive partitions, ones of these partitions were lost accidentally. How can we recover lost partition data? Any help will be appreciated here! Thanks!"

No matter how you have lost your PC partitions or your computer has got cashed, stop using your PC partitions or drives and go perform a deep scan there with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether all original storage device contents, like your documents, songs, videos, mail, messages and more files, are still able to be retrieved back.

With iCare Data Recovery Pro installed, you are often supposed to do several simple steps to recover lost data back as below:

Step1. Download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC. Click desired data recovery mode or Scan mode to solve your drive data loss troubles.
Step2. Point out your lost partitions or crashed computer drives with data loss problems and perform a deep scan there.
Step3. Click the scanned documents, photos and files to see whether they are recoverable.
Step4. Choose completely different storage devices, like external drives, to save all retrieved information well in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*Choose a proper Scan Mode according to your own data loss situations.
*Check the scanned information well to see whether it works effectively as you think and whether it is worth trying.
*Select external storage devices or other safe devices to back up all restored information well.

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