Crashed Backup Hard Drive Photo Recovery from Josh

Jun.30, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Josh who had used iCare software to recover decades of digital photos from backup hard drive that crashed:

"Dear icare-recovery team,
Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how great your software is.  My backup had drive crashed and in the time it took to get a new back up drive my laptop drive crashed, both containing decades of digital photos. I was devastated when this happened. Even more so when I found out it would be thousands for a company to recover these photos. Then I discovered icare-recoveries software thru a Google search. I downloaded it and had my photos back on my new laptop in a matter of hours.  Thank you icare for all of your help. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Here is the original email screenshot:

crashed backup hard drive recovery

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