Corrupted Western Digital My Book Hard Drive Data Recovery from Shaun

Aug.29, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Mario who had used iCare software to recover around 900GB of photos, music, software, videos and other backup files from corrupted Western Digital my book 1TB hard drive:

"Icare data recovery is amazing it 100% works great!!
I had a western digital my book 1tb hard drive which had about 10 years worth of photos stored on it, hundreds of pounds of music on it and all my software, videos. Backups the lot on it.. Then one day it decided not to connect to my pc or laptop and was currupt! It would still turn on but not connect what ever i tried, i took it to numerus pc shops and they could not fix it and said its no good anymore its got missing or currupt files stopping it from connecting and working properly, but i really didnt want to throw it away as it had so much stuff on it i could not lose, so i spent hours searching the web and reading reviews etc then came across icare data recovery which sounded great and for the prise i purchased straight away even tho there was a free trial to try it out first, i also bought myself a new digital western 2tb hard drive to save on. Once icare data recovery was installed it was so easy to use and in minutes it was recovering my files i could not access anymore on my currupt hard drive, i could not believe it… to recover and save all my files to my new hard drive which was around 900gb, its one of the best peices of software i own i love it i would recommend to anyone!!!
Thanks alot icare

Here is the original email screenshot:

corrupted wd hdd recovery

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