Corrupted Western Digital My Book Hard Drive Data Recovery from Shaun

Aug.29, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Mario who had used iCare software to recover around 900GB of photos, music, software, videos and other backup files from corrupted Western Digital my book 1TB hard drive:

"Icare data recovery is amazing it 100% works great!!
I had a western digital my book 1tb hard drive which had about 10 years worth of photos stored on it, hundreds of pounds of music on it and all my software, videos. Backups the lot on it.. Then one day it decided not to connect to my pc or laptop and was currupt! It would still turn on but not connect what ever i tried, i took it to numerus pc shops and they could not fix it and said its no good anymore its got missing or currupt files stopping it from connecting and working properly, but i really didnt want to throw it away as it had so much stuff on it i could not lose, so i spent hours searching the web and reading reviews etc then came across icare data recovery which sounded great and for the prise i purchased straight away even tho there was a free trial to try it out first, i also bought myself a new digital western 2tb hard drive to save on. Once icare data recovery was installed it was so easy to use and in minutes it was recovering my files i could not access anymore on my currupt hard drive, i could not believe it… to recover and save all my files to my new hard drive which was around 900gb, its one of the best peices of software i own i love it i would recommend to anyone!!!
Thanks alot icare

Here is the original email screenshot:

corrupted wd hdd recovery

Retrieving Files from Corrupted WD Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, WD external or internal hard drive also seems corrupted and stops working properly on your Windows PC? And the left drive pictures, songs, videos and files are also not able to be rescued back unfortunately? OK! No panic! No matter how badly the WD hard drive has been corrupted somehow, you’d better to firstly make sure whether it is still detectable on your PC. If it is still able to turn on and shows on My Computer or Disk Management interface, it is not difficult to recover lost corrupted WD my book hard drive files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro, just like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user.

And here, go read more related corrupted hard drive data loss troubles and learn how to perform data recovery from corrupted hard drive at the aid of iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! My 3TB WD My Book hard drive has been used nearly two years on my Windows 7 desktop computer and always works well there. However, two days ago, while I was trying to use it to transfer data to the computer of my friend at his home, the computer storage device driver seemed to be incorrectly installed and did not recognize my WD hard drive properly. And now, even when I do have connected it to my own computer as before, this hard drive still could not be detected well, though it shows up under Disk Management window. Can anybody tell me what happens there? Is it possible to recover data from corrupted WD hard drive now? Thanks for any help here!"

"Hi. Do you have any idea to recover data from WD external HD? My 1TB WD USB hard drive probably has failed and cannot be recognized on my laptop. After trying different USB cable, this hard drive is still not able to be accessed since it says the drive is not formatted. I have tried this drive on another computer and got the same not formatted error message. And I have reserved much documents, videos, games and files inside this corrupted drive. Do you know how to recover corrupted WD USB hard drive files? Thank you in advance!"

"Hello! I really need your help to recover WD HD data. Honestly, my WD Passport HD said the disk structure was corrupted or unreadable whenever I tried to access it on my computer as usual. But, I really knew nothing about such HD corrupted or unreadable issues. Do you heard about it? What can I do now to fix this corrupted HD and recover lost drive files? Thanks a lot!"

"Hey! Computer hard drive is not recognized and requires formatting. But, I cannot format it to erase entire hard drive files. How can I do now to recover not formatted computer hard drive files? Thank you in advance!"

Generally, the data recovery results vary according to different data loss situations. And, in such corrupted WD hard drive data loss troubles, whether you can recover lost WD My Book hard drive also could be different based on different conditions. For example, is this WD hard drive still shown on your computer? If it is displayed there, merely download and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve images, songs, videos, documents and files from this corrupted drive before you fix its possible drive problems. But, if this drive even could not be detected by any computer or machine, it could be physically damaged and the last chance for you is the data recovery agencies or companies.
Hence, if your case is not so bad, merely go download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost WD HD data back step by step:
Step1. Download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro trial or free version on computer drive without data loss troubles.
Step2. Select Deep Scan Recovery mode to patiently scan this corrupted WD drive.
Step3. Preview the scanned documents and files to see whether it works for your data loss cases.
Step4. Recover data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures. 

*Try your corrupted hard drive with more USB cables or USB ports as well as computers when it is not recognized on your PC.
*If you do have retrieved all desired files fortunately, go select a different storage device to save and back up all recovered data in case of data recovery failures.

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