Corrupted WD External Drive File Recovery from Hallam Australia

Corrupted WD External Drive File Recovery from Hallam Australia

Hello, everyone there! iCare Recovery has received a letter of thanks from an Australian user, Hallam. Here is his data recovery story:

Hallam, who is from Pagewood, New South Wales of Australia, has purchased iCare Data Recovery Pro when his important files have been lost since a WD external hard drive has became corrupted. And after applying data recovery scanning processes on that WD drive, he finally 'recover at least 90% of the files, particularly photos and video files' and is really happy with the iCare data recovery results for his wd external drive recovery.

Here is the original message screenshot for you:

Recovering Corrupted External Hard Disk with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

Your Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba or Transcend external hard disk seems to be corrupted and cannot be accessed properly after unsafe drive ejection, hard disk corruption, virus infection, unexpected hard disk dropping, falling, hitting or even computer crashing? iCare Data Recovery Pro, as an practical solution to recover lost external drive data, could be your promising chances to take original USB hard disk files, movies, texts, audios, photos and the likes back when you do also have created no hard disk data backup elsewhere. Merely download this software to your PC and choose Deep Scan Recovery option shown on its main screen to recover lost data from external hard disks that have not formatted error problems, RAW file system problems, drive blank or unsupported file system error problems, unwanted external drive format/reformat problems and more related removable drive data loss problems caused by improper extracting, dropping, falling, unwanted virus attacking, drive corrupting or computer crashing, etc.

Please download iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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