Corrupted SD Card RAW Format Asking to Format Recovery from Faranani

May.17, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Faranani who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost files when a a corrupted Android device SD card said it needed to be formatted while movies copying and CHKDSK also didn’t work there since it was in RAW file system

"Icare Recovery fix my problems...i was coping movies 2 my 16gig sd card and out of the blue the was an error message saying i need 2 format my sd card i thought it was joke but when i inserted it on android device it said corrupted sd card i need 2 format it tried using chkdsk /x /f e: code on cmd it didm't work says file system is Raw … i can't lose my data files i saw icare web downloaded the software and it works…"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

corrupted sd card raw format needs to format

Recover Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro When Corrupted SD Card Asks to Format

Generally, Android mobile phone or tablet is able to report your used SD card is corrupted and ask you to format it when this Android device memory card is really damaged due to RAW file system, virus infection or the like reasons. And in such cases, do not rush to rewrite or format the corrupted RAW format SD card and merely download effective SD card data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to recover device files back firstly just exactly as the above data recovery case describes.

And now, go read more similar corrupted SD card RAW format asking to format recovery problems and learn how you can take your lost Android device messages, photos, contacts, files, videos, mails and more information back with ease:

"Hello! My Samsung mobile phone Micro SD card was in RAW format recently and cannot be accessed on any of my cell phones, tablets and computers since it keeps asking to format before any use. Is it possible for me now to remove such memory card not formatted error problem and access my pictures and some movies inside? Is it necessary for me now to purchase a data recovery tool? Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks!"

"Is there any way to get lost data from Android smart phone before format? Honestly, my 16GB SD card with tons of photos and messages is corrupted and is in RAW (but, it used to be FAT, I remember). What am I supposed to do for recovering data from corrupted RAW format SD card? Thank you in advance!"

"Hey! How Can I convert RAW file system SD card to FAT32? In fact, my Android tablet SD card seems to be damaged recently for accidental falling and could not be access on my computer since Windows 7 reports: 'the disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now'. And it also is detected as RAW format in Disk Management. Can I still recover files from corrupted SD card?"

No matter how your SD card shows on your PCs, mobile phones, tablets or other devices, it is possible for you to recover data from corrupted SD card RAW format asking to format, for your storage device files often are not wiped completely before you rewrite or format this device SD card. Hence, add nothing new there and go download iCare Data recovery Pro to retrieve lost SD card files back.
And here is the step-by-step guide of this iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Insert your corrupted SD card to your computer and install data recovery software well.
Step2. Click desired data recovery mode to scan your RAW format SD card.
Step3. Preview the scanned information and pick recoverable ones out.
Step4. Restore and save desired data to the destination storage devices, not this SD card asking to format.

Please Note:

*Install and run data recovery software on computer hard drives or other storage devices to avoid worse data loss problems.
*The destination storage device also is supposed to be a completely different storage device in case of data recovery failures.
*Preview the scanned information one by one to see whether you need a paid code.
*Save precious storage devices information on several drives or locations well from now on.

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