Corrupted SD card Hard Drive Formatted Deleted File Recovery from Tom

Apr. 26, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Tom who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted files, formatted files or lost files from corrupted SD cards, corrupted hard drives and other several different storage devices with good results:

"To: iCare customers, this software is worth the money, I've used this on several different devices, from corrupt sd=cards , corrupt hard drives with great results. Recovered deleted, formatted files. More than any other software I have tried. I used some other free software that didn't find or just didn't find as much files as this software from iCare…"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

corrupted sd card hard drive recovery

Recover SD Card Hard Drive and Other Device Data after Device Corruption, Format or Delete

Hello, except the related data loss troubles mentioned by iCare Data Recovery Pro user above, in daily use, people are also possible to encounter far more similar SD card, hard drive or other storage device file loss problems as below:

"Hello, I had a Transcend 16GB SD card had corrupted for my mistake and a lot of my Samsung Android mobile phone photos and videos were lost. Do you get any suggestion to recover lost data from this corrupted phone memory card? Thanks!"

"Hey, the 320GB WD internal hard drive of my boy friend recently seems to be corrupted and stops working anyhow. Computer just says it needs to be formatted before any use. Please help me recover my Word documents and photos from this corrupted drive. Thanks very much!"

"Hi, two days ago, my Seagate USB portable hard drive had been mistakenly formatted since it could not be detected well on my notebook. The PC just kept asking me to format. So, I did it. But, my 1GB of PPT files and movies were also gone. Does anyone get idea to recover lost data from formatted external drive? Any advice could be highly appreciated! Thanks!"

"Last night, my little brother deleted my Canon camera photos off from the inserted SD card. I had tried to check Recycle Bin and found nothing back. Is it possible to recover deleted photos and files from camera SD card? Any idea will be really welcome. Thanks!"

However, no matter which one of these device data loss troubles related to your SD card, hard drive or the related storage devices you have met unfortunately, you can go try iCare Data Recovery Pro which always helps take original PPT, Excel, pictures, music and more files back from corrupted, deleted, formatted or lost hard drives, SD cards or other storage devices with simple clicks and high efficiency.
Here is a simple tutorial for you to perform data recovery processes with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

Step1. Connect your hard drive, SD card or other storage device with a card reader or USB cable to your computer.
Step2. Download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on a computer storage device with no data loss problems.
Step3. Pick a fixable data recovery mode from listed three ones according to your own problems.
Step4. Retrieve the desired memory card or hard drive data to another storage device at last.

Please Note:

*Saving no restored data on a different storage device could help you avoid many worse data loss problems.
*Preparing device data backups well all the time to avoid any paid data recovery services in the future.

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