Corrupted Samsung SD Card Photo Recovery from Sergio

Sep.19, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Sergio who had used iCare software to recover lost holiday photos from a corrupted Samsung SD card which was used as an external memory support of his Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone:

"Hi All, many THANKs for this amazing tool!!!!
I was not able to access anymore the photos of my past holiday with my children stored on a corrupted Samsung SD card, used as an external memory support of my Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone.
I installed iCare Data Recovery tool on my PC: the tool was able to access the corrupted SD card and recover the photo of my holidays in few steps!
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks a lot!

Here is the original email screenshot:

corrupted samsung sd card recovery

Retrieving Photos and Files from Corrupted SD Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, everyone there! If your Samsung or other branded mobile phone SD card also gets corrupted due to long time use, improper operating or unexpected virus attacks, if your android cell phone SD card also seems to be damaged due to sudden extracting, dropping, sudden cell phone crashing or randomly cell phone rebooting and the likes, or if your cell phone SD card just becomes unrecognizable on your phone due to some logical damages, physical damages and memory card errors, etc, do not rush to format, rewrite or discard this cell phone SD memory card to avoid worse data loss situations, for your phone memory card might not be corrupted as badly as you think. Merely go stop using this phone card and download useful corrupted SD card file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to take lost holiday photos, work documents, audios, videos, games and files back.
Here, go scan more related corrupted SD memory card data loss troubles and follow simple steps to recover lost photos and files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! Here is my story: I have used a SanDisk 64GB SD card on my Samsung Note android cell phone and accidentally dropped this phone to the ground last weekend. And, the phone screen was cracked and could not be used. And, the inserted 64GB memory card also was corrupted and needed to be formatted on my Windows 7 laptop. Is it possible for me to recover corrupted SD card data without format? Or is there any hope to fix this phone SD card? Thank you very much for any help here!"

"Hi! I get a weird digital camera SD card problem. Honesty, yesterday, after trying to transfer some mobile phone photos and videos to this 32GB SD card usually used on my digital camera, this SD card will not be read by my digital camera again. While plugging it to my PC, the Windows also asks to format this SD card. Camera SD card could not be used on a mobile phone to transfer data? Is this SD card damaged? What can I do now to recover photos and videos from damaged SD card? Thanks for any advice!"

"My 256GB Kingston SD memory card became corrupted and stopped working on my Samsung android mobile phone. But, I still have tons of photos and messages inside this corrupted SD card. Do you have any idea to help me do a corrupted SD memory card data recovery process? Thank you in advance!"

"My Micro SD card was possibly corrupted on my cell phone this morning and could not be recognized on my Computer due to a blank or unsupported file system error. Do I need to format this phone memory card with much precious data? Is there any way to recover lost SD card photos? Please help me! Thanks!"

Have you tested this SD memory card on another cell phone, camera or electronic device? Is it still corrupted somehow there? Is it still asking you to format there? If this memory card could be read well elsewhere, you’d better save phone storage card data backups well as soon as possible. But, if this SD card could not be recognized functionally and give you the same error problems, go plunge this memory card to your PC and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan and recover lost phone SD card photos, videos and files.
Here are simple steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to recover corrupted SD card data:
Step1. Connect this corrupted SD card to your PC with a card reader and also download iCare software on computer local partition.
Step2. Run iCare Data Recovery Pro there and choose a proper data recovery mode to scan this phone or camera SD card.
Step3. Preview and recover lost data from corrupted SD memory card.

*Save the iCare software and restored data on computer local partitions, hard drives or external drives in case of data recovery failures.
*Select Deep Scan Recovery mode to scan and find all possible recoverable files.
*Preview the scanned files to see whether this software helps recover most of your lost phone or camera data before any purchase.
*Back up everything important on several memory cards, flash drives or USB hard drives in the future.

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