Corrupted NAS Sever Hard Drive File Recovery from Frank

Aug.11, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Frank who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost files from a corrupted NAS sever hard disk: 

"Hello…I can confirm that iCare was a tremendous help in recovering files from a corrupted NAS server...we were still able to attach the harddisk to a workstation and recover the missing files."

Here is the original email screenshot::

corrupted hard drive recovery

Retrieving Corrupted Hard Drive Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro

No matter whether you have used a hard drive on a NAS sever computer or an ordinary computer, the related computer hard drive do corrupt someday. Hence, no matter what happens to you, you are always supposed to prepare important drive file backups on several drives. However, if your hard disk just suddenly corrupts anyway without data back copies saved elsewhere, also do not rush to give in. Your corrupted drive may be not completely failed yet. Merely download iCare Data Recovery Pro and let this software scan it carefully to see whether your left drive files are still possible to be rescued back with success. Read more related corrupted drive data loss situations here and go see how iCare Data Recovery Pro helps take lost pictures, videos, audios and files back:

"Hello. Recently, I was planning to move a WD hard drive to my Synlogy NAS Sever. So, I formatted it on my Samsung laptop and dropped it to ground accidentally. And then, after connecting it back to the same computer, it seemed to be corrupted and could not be accessed and kept asking to format. Is my drive failed for that sudden dropping? Please help me recover corrupted drive data back. Thanks!"

"Hi! I have used a Seagate USB hard drive to back up all very important computer documents and files. However, recently, this external drive seems to be damaged and could not be accessed as before. After being plunged to my Windows computer, it just hangs and tells 'no responding' while trying to transfer data there. It also would not be 'safely removed USB device'. Is it corrupted? Is there any way for me to recover external drive after corruption? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!"

"After upgrading the operating system of our NAS sever computer, several hard drives were formatted anyhow and did not show up on my computer. Does anyone know how to repair corrupted server hard drives without losing computer files? What can I do to recover data from these corrupted drives? Thanks!"

No matter whether you are using an internal or external hard drive, your storage device with important data may not be seriously damaged yet. Merely leave it alone to avoid permanent data loss and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform a deep scan there to check whether you still get chances to recover lost drive documents, videos, images, messages, mails and more files back.
Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you to use iCare Data Recovery Pro smoothly:
Step1. Plunge your USB hard drive to your computer and download iCare software to another connected computer storage device.
Step2. Install and launch software to select Deep Scan Recovery mode.
Step3. Scan this corrupted drive patiently and preview scanned information carefully.
Step4. Recover and save data to external storage devices well in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*If the Deep Scan Recovery mode has not retrieved your desired data back, go try more data recovery modes listed there to get missing files as possible as you can.
*Corrupted or damaged hard drives always get some bad sectors or other physical damages which could let this data recovery software to take abnormal time to finish the deep scanning process. If you are really in a hurry, merely cancel the scanning for 5 hours.
*Save nothing fresh on this corrupted hard drive before or after data recovery processes to avoid worse data recovery troubles.
*Save copies of everything important on several drives or backup storage devices to avoid such data loss troubles in the future.

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