Corrupted LG Phone SD Card Photo Recovery from a Happy Father

Aug.28, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a happy father who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all lost holiday photos from his son’s corrupted SD card which was installed and used in his LG mobile phone after sudden restart:

"Dear iCare team, I've spend many, many hours on the internet looking for recovery software for my boy's corrupted sd card installed in his LG. This due to sudden restart of the Smartphone. I wasn't very successful until I found iCare data recovery. I can scream it of the rooftop that this is the best tool ever and really is the only way! It even builds up the exact tree-structure, it let's you choose the priority's and is very, very user friendly. Thank you so much for developing this so that my son didn't loose all his holyday photo's from our visit to Chamonix Mont Blanc!!!
A Happy father

Here is the original email screenshot:

corrupted phone sd card recovery

Recover Photos and Files from Corrupted Cell Phone SD Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Also cannot access or recover photos, videos and files from corrupted SD card or memory card that is used on your cell phone, like above used? Feel really bad now and wonder whether there is a way to fix this phone memory card corruption problem and also take lost phone data back smoothly? OK! It is often not a dream for phone users to retrieve phone SD card data back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro provided that this cell phone SD memory card is not really physically corrupted. And now, go read more related corrupted memory card data loss troubles and see how to recover lost corrupted SD card files back:

"Hello! Why using LG android cell phone to take some screenshots there, I just got an error message saying my inserted SD card was damaged and needed to format this memory card all of sudden. But, formatting this LG phone SD memory card will also erase all my left vacation pictures, songs and messages there. I really had no idea about what to do now. Is there any solution to fix this phone problem and get all my phone data back? Thank you for any suggestion!"

"Hi! We really need your help with our 32GB Samsung SD card! Honestly, it just gets corrupted in my Android smart phone and could not be access on my Windows 7 laptop since it is detected as RAW there. And, my brother says I cannot format this SD card directly, if I do not want to wipe all my wanted text messages and contacts stored inside this 32GB memory card. And he also suggests me to download and apply the related corrupted SD card recovery software. But, I am not familiar with such software and find most of them need to be paid for complete data recovery. How do you think of such data recovery software? Do you have any recommendation? Thank you for any help in advance!"

"I have to tell you that my Micro SD card got corrupted this morning since it was blank and had unsupported file system. My LG phone just could not recognize it well as before. Do you hear about such unsupported file system phone memory card issues before? What can I do now to rescue my phone memory card files? Thanks a lot!"

To be honest, the related Micro SD card, SD card or memory card is really able to get corrupted suddenly on your cell phone due to sudden phone card extracting, phone crashing, phone rebooting or unsafe files and apps downloading, etc. However, no matter why your cell phone memory card is corrupted, this phone SD memory card may not be completely failed and could not be recognized on a computer. So, if it could not be read well on your cell phone, merely extract it out safely and insert it to your computer to have another try. And then, download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this damaged phone memory card and see whether your desired phone messages, videos, music, photos and files could be taken back with success.

And go recover lost corrupted cell phone SD card data with iCare Data Recovery Pro as below:
Step1. Plunge this phone SD memory card to your PC with a card reader or your mobile phone.
Step2. Download and launch iCare software on your PC partitions to select a fixable data recovery mode.
Step3. Perform a deep scan on this corrupted phone memory card and preview found files carefully.
Step4. Recover and save corrupted memory card data to external or internal computer hard drive well.

Please Attention:

*No matter whether your cell phone memory card is damaged really or not, perform a full scan there and take the recoverable card files back as many as possible.
*No matter which storage device you do have chosen to save the retrieved cell phone data, you’d better never select the corrupted phone SD memory card to avoid data recovery failures.
*No matter why you are asked to format before any data recovery, do not format or rewrite this phone storage card to avoid permanent data loss troubles.

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