Corrupted Hard Disk File Recovery from Gopalakrishnan

Apr. 15, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Gopalakrishnan who had used iCare software to recover not only the lost files from a corrupted hard disk and also put them all in the right place (identifying the root tree):

"From my heart! Let me tell you that your product is mind blowing and I have never seen such a data recovery software in my life.
Absolutely brilliant! … My story: I came across ICare recovery after extensive research on recovering data from a corrupted Hard disk. I tried many, some recommended recova. But it was less fruitful as I managed to get only few files. I even tried the official recovery software (for Seagate); but realized it would cost me at least few thousand bucks. I was dishearted but as the disk had lot of crucial data I kept on with my search. Later I happened to come across ICare recovery. Though I wasn't much confident about the tool at the first, it completely surprised me. It not just recovered my file, but also put it in the right place (identifying the root tree). I am blown over by this software. Ultimate! I would recommend this to all those who need to recover their data. Thanks a lot - ICARE!!!…Thanks again. Wonderful effort guys! Truly appreciate this.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieving Data from Corrupted Hard Disk with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer hard disk has corrupted somehow and stopping your any data access with drive not formatted error messages, drive RAW file system error message, drive virus infected problems or more drive problems, when PC hard drive has damaged due to sudden falling, shocking, virus attacking or sudden computer crashing, etc, or when computer HD is probably failing due to long time use or some improper human operating, like rude drive extracting, stop writing new data to lose more original crucial data and let iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan the damaged computer hard disk to see whether you left drive files are still able to be retrieved back smoothly. And no matter why and how your disk seems to be corrupted, merely select the Deep scan recovery mode listed on its main screen and go check whether all your desired drive Word/PPT/Excel/TXT/PDF documents, songs, photos, videos, mails and more files are viewable and recoverable there. Generally speaking, as long as the original drive contents could be previewed well there, you often also are able to take them back after the entire data recovery process. Moreover, the rest data recovery modes: Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, also help take lost data back under more unexpected hard drive data loss situations, including deleted file recovery, lost partition recovery, deleted partition recovery, formatted partition recovery and more.

So, no hesitation any longer! Go Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover your lost hard disk data here:

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