Corrupted and Damaged External Hard Drive Picture and Video Recovery from G-men

May.16, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called G-men who had used iCare software to recover all lost pictures and videos from a corrupted and damaged external hard drive:

"iCare Recovery works great I would recommend to use it I have recover all my pictures and videos from a corrupted and damage external hard drive the best of the best!!!"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

corrupted external hard drive photo video recovery

Recover Photos, Videos and Files from Corrupted and Damaged External Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

In daily use, iCare Data Recovery Pro helps take many lost pictures, videos, documents, songs, films, mails, messages and more files back from corrupted or damaged USB hard drive due to various causes. Here, go read more corrupted or damaged external drive data loss cases and see how you can retrieve your lost information back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello, good morning! My roommate yesterday had damaged his laptop by accidentally dropping it from a realty high place. And unfortunately, the plunged 500GB Seagate external hard disk was also fallen at the same time. And when I tried to read it with a SATA bale latter, it just said drive could not be read, reformat now? What can I do now to recover damaged drive data? Is there any data recovery program to help recover data from corrupted external drive? Thanks!"

"Hey, guys! Is there a good solution to retrieve my files and photos from WD external drive? It just seems to be corrupted for my use since it always asks me to format before using. Do you get any idea to fix this? Thank you for any help!"

"My Dell computer was damaged by virus and now even could not boot up again. And the used USB hard drive seemed to be corrupted, too. When connecting it to another laptop, it just kept requiring formatting before any reading. And my friend suggested that I can go send it to a data recovery company for getting the drive contents back. But, that price was too expensive for me. Do you have any cheaper solution for me? Any suggestion here will be appreciated. Thanks!"

No matter why your external hard drive reports it is not formatted, you are supposed not to format and rewrite it now. Merely plunge it to your computer and let iCare Data Recovery Pro scan it thoroughly to take all possible storage contents back.

Apparently, you do prepare no external drive data backups on different drives or devices, right? OK! No panic! Even though your USB hard drive seem to be damaged, becomes inaccessible or asks you to format, your left drive photos, videos, mails and files may be not lost or irrecoverable permanently. Before your data loss problem goes worse, download iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve your original drive information back.
And here are common data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Install and run iCare Data Recovery Pro well on your computer to select a Scan Mode from listed ones on its main interface.
Step2. Pick your damaged or corrupted USB hard drive out and scan it thoroughly.
Step3. Preview and select desired original documents, photos and files.
Step4. Recover the wanted information to another drive or storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*Format storage device to see whether it is still useful on your PC after you have recovered and backed up everything desired well.
*Completely unrecognizable USB hard drive often also could not be detected by iCare Data Recovery Pro. Go send it to data recovery agencies or companies to take chances.
*Back up all important data on separate drives, DVD media or other storage devices well from now on.

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