Computer Internal and External Hard Drive Data Recovery from Mike

Mar. 29, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a old user called Mike who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro software to successfully recover lost or deleted data from a couple dozens of internal and external hard drives after hard drive crashing or other data loss troubles over the last 3 years:

"John and I been doing some very limited IT support for half a dozen micro businesses, and have ended up maintaining and supporting a couple dozen hard drives, both internal and external. At least twice a year, someone's hard drive crashes, or they somehow manage to delete the most important folder on their desktop. Icare has come to the rescue 6 of the 9 times we've used it over the last 3 years. Since professional data recovery services charge a minimum of $200 per incident, Icare has saved our folks at least $1200, and probably much more. Thanks!"

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve Deleted or Lost Internal and External Hard Drive Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer internal or external hard drive data get lost due to sudden computer or hard drive crashing, when computer hard drive partition files or USB hard drive documents are deleted or shift deleted by mistake, when PC hard drive or USB portable hard drive is accidentally formatted or reformatted since drive is not formatted, or when computer internal or external drive get data loss issues due to RAW file system error, logical damages, drive virus attacking, sudden power loss, rude drive dropping or CHKDSK RAW drive errors, etc, do not rush to write new data on this PC internal and external hard drive to avoid worse data loss issues and go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this device thoroughly. Honestly, as long as your left important information inside this computer internal or external hard drive is not rewritten by new information or corrupted in advance, with the three data recovery modes, including Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, this iCare Data Recovery Pro always allows you to take the original documents, audios, photos, texts, messages, videos, films and more contents back as many as possible. Moreover, if you are still on suspect with the software features and efficiency, merely go download its specially designed free trial version to scan your device and go evaluate whether it works for your case at first.

So, if you also need download this iCare Data Recovery Pro to take chances, go check this:

download DATA recovery softwareTry iCare Data Recovery

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