Cleared Phone Memory Chip Picture Recovery from Genie

Jun.18, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a satisfied user called Genie who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all pictures from a cleared memory chip after he/she had got back from London and Greece:

"Hi, ICare Recovery software was able to recover all of my pictures from a cleared memory chip from my phone. I had just got back from London and Greece with hundreds of pictures.... Thank you so much. Worked just as advertised! Highly recommend this!"

Here is the original email screenshot:

cleared phone memory chip photo recovery

Retrieve Files from Cleared or Deleted Phone Memory Card

No matter how many photos you do have saved on your phone memory chips, after accidental memory card deleting or clearing, iCare Data Recovery Pro always help take the original pictures, messages, videos, audios and files back as many as possible. Also want to give it a good try? OK! Go read the below deleted phone memory card data loss troubles and follow the offered step-by-step guide to retrieve your cleared files back:

"Hello! Do you have a way to recover deleted pictures, video and audios from Samsung phone SD card? I accidentally pressed a wrong button and cleaned up entire phone memory card. All these stored files disappeared now. Any solution to recover deleted data will be highly appreciated here! Thanks a lot!"

"Recently, my LG mobile phone pictures and music were deleted off from phone memory, including some stored on the internal memory card and some saved on the inner Micro SD card. Is there anything that I can do to recover lost phone data? Please help me! Thank you very much!"

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