CF Card Was Not Recognized by My PC or Camera

Apr. 1, 2017 – iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Jared who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover the entire job from CF card that was not recognized by PC or camera after he recently photographed a dance school:

"Thank You!!
I recently photographed a dance school and the CF Card was not recognizable by my PC or the camera. I used your software and was able to recover the entire job! What a relief. I have purchased a license - hoping I won't need it.I have shared my success story with many of my peers in the photography world.
Thank you again, this was a brand new account that I will not have to worry about loosing…

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Data from Not Recognized Camera CF Memory Card

Hello, friends, your CF memory card also does not be recognized on your Windows PC or digital camera without rescuing inner photos and files? Your SD card also does not show up in My Computer of your Windows PC and could not be used before any format? Or your CF card also is not working on your computer now and could not be accessed due to physical damages, virus attack or computer crashing, etc? OK! No matter why your CF memory card is not able to be recognized on your PC or camera or mobile phone, attach this memory card to your PC with a new card reader or adaptor and run not recognized CF memory card data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to see whether the original photos, videos, documents and files are still recoverable or not.

What to Do When CF Memory Card Was Not Recognized by a PC or Camera?

No matter why your CF memory card gets such not recognized errors and what kind of symptoms you do have encountered, what you are supposed to do in such not recognized memory card not recognized error issues is firstly to try this storage card with more workable card readers, adaptors, USB ports or computers.

And then, secondly, no matter whether it is shown up again in My Computer or Disk Management of your PC, just go download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether it is possible to take your lost camera information and files back.
Generally, as long as your camera memory card is still able to be detected by iCare Data Recovery Pro software, with its Deep Scan Recovery mode, you often get chances to retrieve your CF memory card pictures, videos and files back.

Of course, this happens often on condition that you do have never ever written any new file on the same camera CF card.

Purchase a Lifetime Code to Do a Complete Data Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro, if Necessary

As the iCare Data Recovery Pro software user mentioned above, if this iCare data recovery software really works for your CF memory card data loss troubles, you can also go purchase a code to do a complete data recovery with ease and success. Once you do activate the iCare Data Recovery Pro software with the paid code, it will stay valid lifetime.
Merely go use it whenever you do have accidentally deleted or lost important hard drive or memory card information in the future.

Of course, if you are really on a budget or get no extra money for a activation code, also do not panic. Go download the iCare Data Recovery Free, a free version which allows people to recover unlimited data completely for free, to take chances.

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