Broken Drive Formatted SD Card Data Recovery from Trygve

Apr. 7, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Trygve who had used iCare software to recover lost photos and data broken hard drive and wrongly formatted SD card:

"Hello again I purchased iCare because my hard drive broke down and iCare found and saved all my stuff from the broken drive. Later I have used iCare for re-finding photos on my SD-card, after I wrongly have formatted the card I'm forever thankful for this program and recommend it to everyone who's in need to restore lost data..."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve Lost Data from Hard Drive and SD Memory Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer hard drives, USB hard drives, SD cards, CF cards or other memory cards seem to be damaged seriously and cannot be accessed, when computer external HDs, internal hard drives, Micro SD cards, SDXC cards, SDHC cards, memory sticks or other storage devices are mistakenly formatted or reformatted due to RAW file system errors, unformatted errors, virus attacking or logical damages, etc, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue the left hard drive or memory card contents. When your computer hard drive or memory card is really dropped, hit, fallen or broken somehow, before giving it up, merely connect it back to your PC, install this iCare Data Recovery Pro on a different storage device of the same computer and go see whether you do have possibilities to take your lost drive or memory card files, songs, films, documents, messages, mails and more data back. Honestly, as long as your storage device is not seriously physically damaged, like having entire drive bad sectors, drive broken into pieces, having completely burned drive or the likes, you do get chances to recover lost data back. But, if you merely accidentally format, reformat, quick format or full format your device, no worry! Your hard drive or SD memory card information must be stayed well there before you add new data to the same device to overwritten it all. Merely perform a Deep Scan Recovery mode of this iCare Data Recovery Pro to get your desired data back.

So, go download and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

download DATA recovery softwareTry iCare Data Recovery

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