Accidentally Shift Deleted File Recovery from Rohi

Nov.10, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Rohi who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all recent files after he accidentally shift deleted his entire folder:

"Dear friends,
I accidentally shift-deleted my entire folder. I'm careful to back up my files but hadn't done it for the past few days.
I found your service through Google and managed to recover all my recent files. I'm extremely grateful to you and iCare Recovery.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Shift Deleted File Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, you do have clicked shift + delete buttons to erase file folders and found you do select the wrong ones on your PC? Or you do have purposely wiped files with shift delete and found many of them have not been successfully backed up well? That sounds terrible. However, do not worry! Though the shift deleted files and folder will not bypass the computer Recycle Bin, you also are able to recover files deleted with shift deleted file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro. No matter which type of USB hard drives, internal hard disks, flash drives, SD or Micro SD memory cards you have perform a shift delete, merely keep this storage device away from any new information to lower the possibility of permanent data loss. And then, download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to take files, pictures, music, world documents, movies, utilities and more shift deleted data back.
Here, go download and test iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover files after shift delete:   

Update Recent Files to Data Backups as Possible as You Can

No matter whether you also need iCare Data Recovery Pro to take recent files deleted back, it is always not unnecessary for you to select recent important files and update them to your data backup storage devices timely. Honestly, in other words, when you do have uploaded, moved or added some new information to your computer partitions or hard drive, also timely save them all to the backup devices well. When you do have deleted or edited some very important documents, images and files, also quickly update the data backups. Of course, in case that the backup storage device will get corrupted somehow and lead to data loss problems, also save and update several data backups on multiple storage devices well. And, in addition, if you do get no enough hard drives or pen drives, you can also upload the data backups to Google, iTunes, iCloud and more online storage.
Overall, from now on, always act carefully to save important data backups as possible as you can.

Deleted File Recovery Help

Except the above shown shift deleted file recovery issues, iCare Data Recovery Pro also helps deal with far more diversified deleted file recovery problems. And here are several common ones that you may meet in daily use:

1). Emptied Recycle Bin file recovery after delete
No matter whether you mean to empty Recycle Bin folder purposely after delete, the already "wiped" data still exist on the internal hard drive of your PC. Just start the built-in Deleted File Recovery mode of iCare software to recover emptied Recycle Bin files back.

2). Deleted USB hard drive/memory card file recovery
No matter whether you do save USB hard drive or memory card file backups before, after accidental delete, this iCare data recovery program always retrieves files that have not corrupted.

3). Phone memory card message and file recovery after security wipe and factory reset
After phone security wipe or factory reset, you are also possible to take deleted cell phone messages, pictures, documents and videos back from the inner used mobile SD, SDXC, SDHC, CF or Micro SD memory card with iCare Data Recovery utility on one condition that you do have placed one copy of them on this phone memory card before.
Of course, if you do not update the recent files there, there is also no hope to take the recent data back. 

4). Camera memory card photo and video recovery after mistaken delete
When you do delete some camera memory card photos and videos by mistake, this data recovery tool also could help take deleted data back.

5). Deleted file recovery after virus clean
No matter how you clean viruses off from your storage device after a virus attack, you often are able to perform deleted file recovery there and rescue files deleted back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro.
In conclusion, no matter how your deleted file loss troubles go, always give this iCare software a good try to see whether your files deleted are still able to be rescued back.

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