Accidentally Reformatted External Disc Drive Lost Music Photo Recovery from Claire

Jun.9, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Claire who had used to recover lost over 300 music albums and hundreds of photos from accidentally reformatted external disk drive:

"Hi Tom…I 'accidentally' reformatted my external disc drive, over 300 music albums and hundreds of photos lost at the click of a mouse......I had no idea what to do, but then I found iCare Recovery! I installed their free trial and ran it, I didn't think that it would work but I had nothing left to lose. Within a minute I could see that I had finally found the solution I needed and bought the software - it restored everything! Their customer support have always been fast and very helpful, and it's fantastic knowing that I am always protected from future 'accidents'. Thank you iCare, you saved the day…"

Here is the original email screenshot:

reformatted external disk photo recovery

Recover Lost Files from Reformatted External Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

In daily use, many people all over the world do have ever reformatted or formatted their computer USB hard drive without extracting tons of very, very important files out due to a wrong click of a mouse. But, fortunately, no matter how you do have performed a format or reformat on your drive, iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to help you recover lost songs, pictures, videos and files back. So, do not rush to use this formatted or reformatted external drive, read more related drive data loss troubles below and check how you can take your desired music and photos back step by step:

"Well! Last Friday, while trying to reformat a 32GB SD card of my Canon camera, I just mistakenly reformatted my WD 1TB USB portable hard drive. Even though the format was completed within minutes, it also wiped everything inside. Is there some way to recover lost data from reformatted USB portable drive? Thanks!"

"Hello! My friends have tried to convert his external hard drive from NTFS to Ext4 and reformatted this USB hard drive without data backups as well. Is it possible to recover data from external drive after reformat? He says he has left many games and applications there. Thank you in advance!"

"My 500GB external disk drive was accidentally reformatted since I wondered to donate it to the local orphanage with my Windows XP laptop. But, the storage devices with the data backups stored were corrupted due to sudden dropping and nothing important could be accessed there. Do you get any idea to recover reformatted USB hard drive files? Any solution would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks!"

"Hey! 3TB removable hard drive was reformatted last night since it always asked to format. Some free data recovery tools searched out there recovered much files, but, none of them could be viewed on my PC. It said corrupted. Please help me take lost external drive data back! Thanks a million!"

OK! Your desired drive files may not be erased completely off from reformatted USB hard drive yet. Merely stop using this external drive after reformat and go try iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost drive files back with its three outstanding data recovery modes.
And, here is the step-by-step guide of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to get reformatted drive files back:

Step1. Download and install trial version of iCare Data Recovery Pro well.
Step2. Choose a fixable data recovery mode from three ones shown on its main screen.
Step3. Scan this reformatted external drive patiently and preview scanned files carefully.
Step4. Select a different hard drive or storage media to store retrieved data.

Please Note:

*A different storage device, not the same reformatted external drive, is supposed to be chosen as the device to install data recovery software and save recovered information.
*A trial or free version is supposed to be used before any purchase. Just preview the scanned information carefully to see whether it is worth paying.
*At least one extra storage device is supposed to be prepared for external drive data backup in the future.

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