2GB USB Stick Format Error Recovery from Stephen

Nov.15, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Stephen who had used iCare software to recover all lost work files from a 2GB USB stick that had a formatted error every time he plunged it in:

"Hi,A 2GB USB stick with all my work had a format error every time i plugged it in. Your software has recovered all these files,
i hope to get the trial code so I can save them. It was a real god-send!! I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user. Stephen Roberts

Here is the original email screenshot:

iCare Data Recovery Pro to Retrieve Files from USB Stick with a Format Error

Hello, friends! What do you often do to recover lost documents, photos, videos and files from a USB stick when this USB flash drive gets not formatted error, when this USB drive cannot be formatted on your PC, when this USB pen drive has to be formatted due to virus attack or other logical damages or when your USB drive is formatted or reformatted by mistaken? Honestly, no matter which type of format error problems you do have encountered, the best bet for you is not to add new information on the same USB stick and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover the lost USB files back as possible as you can.
And, now, read more related USB stick format error problems and follow the below instructions to take lost drive information with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello, I have a 16GB Kinston USB flash drive with all my work and school files, videos and some photos. However, recently, without knowing why, it just keeps asking to format every time I connect it to my Samsung laptop. This format error even could not be removed when I tried it on another desktop. Do you know why it requires formatting? I need recover flash drive data back before any format. Thank you for any advice here in advance."

"Hi! My Toshiba USB stick stops working and always says it is not formatted. However, while I just finally try to do a format there, the Windows reports the format cannot be completed. And, I do have very important Word folders and some movies stored inside this USB. How could I recover data from USB that cannot be formatted? Please help me! Thanks!"

"Hi, folks! My 32GB USB pen drive was formatted from NTFS into FAT32 when I did have failed to back up everything inside. Is it still possible to recover data from this formatted pen drive? Or is it OK if I convert this drive back into NTFS? Thank you for any suggestion to recover formatted USB drive data."

"My thumb drive was reformatted since I did have to clean all viruses completely off from this drive at first. However, that also wiped all my pictures and music stored inside. Do you have any idea to undo format this USB drive and also rescue drive data after reformat? Thanks for any fast response!"

Do not panic! No matter how and why your USB stick gets such format error issues, leave it alone for a while and download flash drive data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to recover lost or missing files before you format or fixing this original USB flash drive problems.
Go read more related data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro:
Step1. Connect USB stick with format error to your PC and download iCare software.
Step2. Install and launch data recovery software on computer internal drive.
Step3. Select Deep Scan Recovery mode and perform a thorough scan there.
Step4. Preview the scanned information and recover data to another storage device well.
Please Note:
*Download free or trial version to do a free evaluation before you do purchase code of iCare Data Recovery Pro.
*Save USB stick data backups well timely and successfully from now on.

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