Recover Shift Deleted Files on Windows 8

You are able to delete files by pressing Shift + Delete keys on Windows 8 system whether you use a laptop or desktop. Different from the situation when you delete a file by pressing Delete key, the deleted data will not be moved to Recycle Bin when you delete a file by pressing Shift + Delete keys on Windows 8. Many people think that the files have been permanently deleted when they cannot find the deleted data in Recycle Bin, so you may believe that there is no chance to get back lost files after shift deleting. It is wrong if you still think so. You still have a good chance to recover shift deleted files on Windows 8 though you cannot restore them from Recycle Bin.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files on Windows 8?

You can use iCare Data Recovery  to recover deleted files after deleting them by pressing Shift + Delete keys on PC that runs Windows 8 operating system:

download data recovery software

Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Launch the software and choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the disk drive that contains deleted data and then wait patiently when the software is scanning to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files after scanning and then save the lost files to another drive.

preview found photo

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Why Shift Delete Data in Windows 8?

Sometimes, people like to delete files by pressing Shift + Delete keys on Windows 8 because Shift deleted file will not go to Recycle Bin. Once you delete a file by pressing Shift + Delete keys, you can no longer find the deleted data anywhere. Therefore, many people who want to permanently delete files on hard drive on Windows 8 would like to perform deletion by pressing Shift + Delete keys.

Why Is Able to Recover Data after Shift Delete on Windows 8?

Although all deleted data will not be moved to Recycle Bin after shift deleting on Windows 8 or any other Windows computer, it does not mean the data has been permanently deleted. Shift deleting of a file makes it impossible to restore deleted file from Recycle Bin, but you are able to undelete files with help of iCare Data Recovery. Why? You may realize when you shift delete one or more files, the files will be erased from the disk drive immediately without being moved to Recycle Bin. Well, any operation of deletion only erases file name from the disk drive, the true data will still remain on original place before the disk space is occupied by new data. Therefore, you just need a data recovery program to get back all deleted files after shift deleting on Windows 8.

Recover Shift Deleted Videos on Windows 8 Hard Drive

Do you like to watch videos on your computer? Sometimes, you may download and save lots of interesting movies on hard drive of your computer, but mistakenly you delete some or even all movies by pressing Shift + Delete keys on Windows 8. By using iCare Data Recovery, you are able to recover any type of videos such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, MOV and more.

Supported All Types of Files on Windows 8 Disk Drive

You may store different types of files on disk drive on Windows 8, so it might be a huge data loss if you mistakenly deleted a folder that contains different types of files such as images, videos, music, emails, etc. iCare Data Recovery works on Windows 8 operating system to recover any type of file including MP3, WMA, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PSD, PDF, TXT, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. This software supports to recover deleted files from NTFS partition and FAT32 file system on Windows 8. In addition, this software also allows you to recover data from HTFS+ file system when you Shift delete any file from it.

Other Situation to Delete Files on Windows 8 Partition

Many people think that files will be permanently after shift deleting. As a matter of fact, here are some other situations to permanently delete files on Windows 8 partition, in which you need to rely on data recovery software to get back lost files:

1. Delete files from Recycle Bin

You may delete files from hard disk drive on Windows 8 by pressing Delete key. In this situation, deleted file will not be permanently deleted because it will be moved to Recycle Bin. However you will permanently delete all data after emptying recycle bin.

2. Delete files from USB, memory card, external HDD on Windows 8

Sometimes, you might connect a USB flash drive, memory card, external hard drive or other storage media to Windows 8 for data storage, backup or transferring. Whether you shift delete or delete files from a removable disk on any computer, all data will be deleted permanently. Therefore, you need to use iCare Data Recovery to undo delete files from the storage media on Windows 8.

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