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FAQ: Accidetnally formatted memory card

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Question: how to get files back if I accidentally formatted memory card?

Solution: Retrieve data with iCare Data Recovery

iCare Data Recovery recover data after format memory card / stick, external hard disk drive, USB drive, pen drive, hard drive, etc. Format your drive by accident? Do you need to format the memory card when micro SD card shows not formatted error message?

iCare software can help you out of the trouble. All you have to do is to download the program for free and the search files.


>>Quick Solution for Formatted Memory Card Data Recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery to restore formatted memory card so as to recover everything stored on the card before formatting it by mistake or on purpose.

Tutorial: How to retrieve data from formatted drive

This is an FAQ about formatted memory card recovery.

Memory card formatted by accident

The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now? - Did you format your memory card by accident when seeing this notice? Or did you right click your drive and then clicked format the drive by accident? Did you happened to format your cellphone memory card and then need file recovery? When there is something wrong with your PC or memory card port, then it became troublesome for PC to read memory card and might read with error. If you ever format the memory card and then realized it was better not to format the memory card but the truth is format has been performed.

Well, don't worry. Your files is recovable even your performed format no matter quick format or regular format. It is also have some chance even you format it twice or has some new file overwriten. There is still chance of data recovery after format but the recovery chances various depends of how much the card has been formatted and how much file has been written.

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The recovery chances rely on how much the memory card has been performed with new file and the format. Usually the chances will increase if you just performed the formatting and does not take any new file but will decrease if you already take some new files. Say 100% chance of recovery if the memory card is just formatted and no more new file. If you take 1 more photos in the memory card, then it is likely that there is 1 photo permanently lost.

Our advice: Stop using the memory card and do not take any new photo or file into the card. Then download a demo of iCare Data Recovery Pro for free, then start to search lost files.

You should perform memory card file recovery right now to save as much files as you can.

iCare Data Recovery is the right solution for those who encounter the following troubles:

All lost data from memory card can be recovered after formatting. If you are searching for formatted memory card photo recovery software, you can download iCare Data Recovery. You only need to do one thing - stop using the memory card after formatting.

>> Free download the data recovery software now and launch it to scan the formatted memory card for all files you need. Why not download the software for trial?

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When you accidentally a memory card, you will lose all data on it. Sometimes, you may mistakenly foramt memory card when it reports not formatted error. In this situation, files will also be lost from the card. Or sometimes, Windows reports it was unable to complete the format memroy card. For whatever reason, the first thing you should do is to stop using the memory card at once.

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