Mobile Memory Card Data Recovery from Ashutosh

Oct.17, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Ashutosh who had used iCare software to recover 70% of photos and data back from mobile memory card after he lost his data while cooking some stuff on mobile:

I would like to thanks many many thanks to iCare Recovery. I lost my data while cooking some stuff on mobile. Tried to get the Data with iCare Data recovery. In free version could not get my data but with help of iCare support team got iCare giveaway exe and recovered Data.
In this recovery some photos are not available some photos are half only, but still i got my 70% photos from Mobile Memory card. Really appreciated and recommended icare Data Recovery software to get lost data from HDD, Memory card etc. This Software is very easy to use and taking very less time. For my 1 Gb data took only 15 minutes to Deep scan and recover. Here I can See previews of my recovered Data and so many nice features.
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as satisfied user.
Appreciated again to iCare Recovery
Thank you very much

Here is the original email screenshot:

phone memory card recovery

Recover Mobile Phone Memory Card Photos and Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, do you also accidentally delete or lose useful photos, messages, contacts, videos and files off from mobile phone memory card while you are trying to copy, paste or transfer cell phone data there? If you do, do not rush to save or transfer new mobile information on this original SD, Micro SD or CF memory card to keep your original phone data safe there. And then, plunge this mobile phone or a card reader with this phone storage card inserted to your PC and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether your deleted or lost data is still able to be successfully retrieved back. Just perform a deep scan there. And now, read more related mobile phone memory card data loss cases and learn how to get lost data back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello, I need to recover nearly 200 photos from my 16GB Samsung Micro SD card that is used inside my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. These photos are just deleted while I am trying to erase several trash photo folders there. Do you have any suggestion to recover data from mobile memory card after delete? Please help!"

"My memory card seems to be crashed. Honestly, I just tried to copy and paste my phone photos and videos from this 64GB SDHC memory card to my computer drive F partition. However, during the data transferring process, my cell phone with this SD memory card plugged was suddenly removed and dropped to the ground. And now, no original photos and files could be found from this phone memory card and computer partition. What can I do now to recover mobile memory card photos and files? Thank you for any help here!"

"Is there any way to recover files from mobile memory card on a Nokia Mini cell phone? My newly taken photos and some videos are saved on a phone Micro SD card and was shift deleted by mistake. Is it possible to recover deleted mobile memory card data on a PC? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!"

Hello, no matter whether you do have lost your mobile memory card information during the data transferring process or not, a reliable mobile memory card data recovery program, like iCare Data Recovery Pro is what you need to take lost data back with simple steps. So, resolutely stop using this phone storage card and connect it to your PC so that you can start iCare software to scan and recover your desired information before your phone data loss trouble goes worse.

And, here is the simple data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro on your computer internal hard drive partition well.
Step2. Select a data recovery mode according to your cases and scan this mobile memory card deeply.
Step3. Preview the scanned photos and files to see whether you need a code for a complete data recovery.
Step4. Recover desired data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*The free version or trial version only allows all users to recover 1GB or 20MB original mobile memory card data only for free.
*Preview the scanned information carefully to see whether this software works for your mobile card data loss troubles and decide on whether it is worth purchasing a code for a complete data recovery.
*Save the retrieved mobile phone information on different memory cards or storage devices well.

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