Damaged External Storage File Recovery from Gahar

Oct.13, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Gahar who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to all lost files form a damaged external storage:

"Your product worked like it was advertised. No problem recovering all files from a damaged external storage, I am very satisfied and can fully recommend iCare as fast and affordable solution to recover lost data"

Here is the original email screenshot:

damaged external storge recovery

Recover Lost Files from Damaged External Storage Devices with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends. Which type of external storage devices have you used to hold all your very important documents, movies, pictures, apps and files, like a USB portable hard drive, flash drive or external camera or phone memory card? Is it really damaged completely? Honestly, no matter why you think this external storage device is corrupted, as long as it is still recognized by your computer, it is often possible for you to access it and also recover damaged external drive or memory card data with iCare Data Recovery Pro.
Here, read more related damaged external storage device data loss cases and see how iCare Data Recovery Pro works:

"Hello! I dropped my USB portable hard disk this morning and now, my PC keeps asking to format this drive at first while turning on the computer and access anything inside this hard drive. I have tried to reconnect this external drive and, that doesn't work. Is it my external drive damaged? Is there any idea to get my damaged external hard drive data back? Thanks!"

"HI! I have not viewed any document file stored inside my 64GB USB flash drive since this drive was fell off my desk last Friday. Though my laptop is able to recognize it, no original Word documents and files are able to be found inside. When trying to read this external flash drive on another computer, it just asks me to format. My brother says it has become RAW and could not be used before any format. Is that right? Is there any hope to recover data from a damaged flash drive?"

"My 3TB external WD hard drive got corrupted and could did not list in My Computer as usual. When tried to start CHKDSK to test this drive, there was an error warning saying CHKDSK was not available for RAW drives. Please help me recover data from corrupted external drive. Thank you in advance."

Hello, is this external hard drive or flash drive still listed in Disk Management after sudden dropping, corruption, computer crashing or the like problems? If it is, there is no need to worry. When your damaged storage devices are still recognizable on your Windows computer, you often get high chances to perform a deep scan on this corrupted device and recover lost device files back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro which always works well on different external storage devices well, including the commonly used USB hard drives, thumb drives, SD cards and more memory cards.
And, also go follow simple steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover damaged device files:
Step1. Download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro.
Step2. Select and perform a Deep Scan Recovery there.
Step3. Preview and select recoverable external device files carefully.
Step4. Recover and save important damaged external storage device data to another drive or device.

Please Note:
*No matter how this damaged external storage drive shows on your PC, save everything new on another storage device before any successful data recovery.
*No matter how many original photos, documents and files you do have scanned and found with the iCare Software, you are supposed to preview them all carefully to see whether you need purchase a code for a complete data recovery. 
*Repair your damaged external storage devices after data recovery.

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