Accidentally Shift Deleted File Recovery from Rohi

Nov.10, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Rohi who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all recent files after he accidentally shift deleted his entire folder:

"Dear friends,
I accidentally shift-deleted my entire folder. I'm careful to back up my files but hadn't done it for the past few days.
I found your service through Google and managed to recover all my recent files. I'm extremely grateful to you and iCare Recovery.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Shift Deleted Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! Do you also permanently delete files and folders with shift delete on your Windows computer accidentally? Really want to restore these permanently deleted files and entire folders with success? OK! No worry. Like clicking Delete option to erase some data off from your hard drive, memory card or the like storage devices, the shift deleting processes will also not wipe your selected files and folders immediately. And, before these shift deleted data is completely removed and gone permanently, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether they all are possible to be taken back with ease and success.

Just go read more related deleted file loss troubles and learn how to recover shift deleted information with iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC:

"Hello, friends there! Recently, my sister accidentally deleted a folder of 23GB with shift deleted off from his Windows 7 notebook internal hard drive. Since this shift deleted folder holds many precious birthday pictures and videos of his little sons and daughters, we just wonder whether you guys get any idea to recover these permanently deleted files and folders in windows 7. Thank you very much for any deleted file recovery solution!"

"Hi, everybody! While using my Windows 8 laptop, I just accidentally deleted an entire folder containing tens of documents and the computer Recycle Bin was also emptied latter. Is there any chance to recover these shift deleted documents back? Is it possible to recover deleted data from Recycle Bin? Any advice will be highly appreciated here!"

"Mistakenly deleted numerous of photos and files stored on a 64GB Toshiba USB flash drive and nearly all of my work PPT, Excel and Word files were lost. Actually, I just meant to shift delete another folder holding nearly all useless videos and selected the wrong folder instead. Please help me recover shift deleted USB flash drive data! Thanks a lot!"

"Hello, I deleted some mails, messages and documents off from my android cell phone Micro SD card. Do you have any idea to recover deleted memory card files? Thank you very much in advance!"

Hello, friends! No matter what has happened after that shift delete, the best choice for you now is to save no new information on the hard drive, partition, flash drive and memory card with deleted file loss problems and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover shift deleted files back firstly.
And, here are simple steps for you to take your shift deleted files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Free on your Windows PC.
Step2. Pick Deleted File Recovery mode and perform a deep scan on the original storage device.
Step3. Preview the scanned documents, photos and files to do an evaluation before any purchase.
Step4. Recover and save deleted data to anther storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*As a free version of iCare Data Recovery Pro, the iCare Data Recovery Free helps recover a limited amount of lost data. And you can download it to evaluate whether this software works for your case at first.
*Preview the scanned files one by one carefully before you really decide to purchase a code.
*Save data backups well on different drives or locations to avoid data loss troubles.

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